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Our Mission

To protect the health and safety of the City's residents and further the stability and vitality of the City's economy through comprehensive planning, zoning code administration and capital improvement projects.

Department Functions
  • Current and Long Range Planning 
  • Zoning Administration 
  • Engineering Plan Review 
  • Applications 
    • Annexations 
    • Land Use Amendments 
    • Rezonings 
    • Special Exceptions 
    • Site & Development Plans 
    • Variances
  • Grant Preparation and Administration 
  • Plat Review 
  • Field Inspections 
  • Provide Staff to: 
    • Planning Commission / Local Planning Agency 
    • Zoning Board of Adjustment & Appeals

How does the city determine which streets are paved each year?

The city manager and the city engineer will drive the streets to get a list of the streets in each of the four quadrants and come up with an approximate cost to fit the paving budget . 

What are setbacks.

Setbacks are the required distances needed from the property lines to the proposed structure. The setbacks are different in each zoning area. 

What do I do before I do excavation

Need to check with the Storm Water Department (Kerry Stauffer) and submit a plan.  After approval of the plan, come see Robert Luther in the Engineering Department for a permit.

What do I do if I need the zoning of a particular property.

Contact the city engineer at 304-327-2401 ext. 2461 or email Kerry.stauffer [at]

What do I do if I want to build an addition?

First thing to do is to contact the city engineer to see what zoning location applies to your addition. 

What do I do if I want to do a business out of my house

The first thing to do is to call the city engineer 304-327-2401 ext. 2461 to see what zoning that you are in. From there you might have to follow the home occupation rules and get approval by the Zoning Board Adjustment.

What do I do if I want to split a parcell of property.

Call the City Engineer at 304-327-2401 ext.2461, to see what zoning that the property is located in and to find out what the lot area requirements ,setbacks and other requirements. The property will need to  be surveyed and show details and then you will need to fill an application to the Planning Commission for a public hearing.


















































































































































What do I need to know about putting up a fence.

The property owner is responsible for knowing where the property lines are and for getting the fence height requirements and what type of fences are allowed or may contact the city engineer at 304-327-2401 ext. 2461.

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