Snow and Ice Control


The city of Bluefield receives approximately 31 inches of snow annually. The snow is usually accompanied by winds in excess of 40 mph and subzero temperatures. It is not possible to remove all snow simultaneously from all of the city streets, however, it is our goal to provide access to desired destinations such as employment, shopping, and community services in a quick, convenient, and safe manner. Thoroughfares in the City of Bluefield will be cleared by the following schedule:

Priority One 

Emergency snow routes, these streets provide a network system throughout the city for emergency service operations.

Priority Two

Major arterials, streets interconnecting with high volume streets and completing the major street network with particular attention to schools, hospitals, and business areas.

Priority Three 

Selected collector streets, these streets include mass transit routes and other collector streets necessary to provide access to major arterials.


Most Residential streets and others not mentioned in Priority One, Two, or Three. After clearing of the other priorities, special requests as manpower, equipment, are available.

Parked cars can be both a hazard and a hindrance to snow removal efforts. To allow the crews to do their best job possible, owners should move their cars off the street before the snowplows arrive when at all possible. Private property owners should not clear snow from their driveways or parking lots into the city streets. The additional snow hampers roadways and could become a public safety hazard.