Bluefield Playground

Welcome to Bluefield

"Bluefield is not just a wonderful place to visit; it's an awesome place to call home."​

Moving to Bluefield means becoming part of a unique community of 10,500 friends and neighbors in which everybody takes care of each other and makes his contribution to a safe and lovely haven to settle down at the “Gateway to Southern West Virginia”. Citizens of Bluefield enjoy a special quality of life which is guaranteed through easy access to healthcare, a great education system, athletic programs, municipal services, churches, a wide variety of activities and a beautiful nature to explore. The typical vibrant spring colors, delightful summers, magnificent fall foliage, and hints of snow make Bluefield a beautiful place to stay all year long. With one of the lowest crime rates in the region, the City of Bluefield provides a secure location for developing families, a comfortable home for the elderly and worthy of settlement by industry and new citizens alike. Affordability of housing is one of the most attractive features of the area and covers the spectrum from apartment and townhouse rentals to new construction and subdivisions to historic homes.

Move to Bluefield and call this beautiful place your new home. No matter where your roots lay – let your leaves grow in our community.

Creek at the park