Garage Division

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the City with the most effective service. We go the extra step when taking care of our fleet. The Garage Division will provide quality and timely maintenance for all City fleet in order to maintain while minimizing costs. Our garage is the backbone of keeping public works up and running. 

Hardworking, Determined, and Dedicated 

The City Garage employs three full-time employees. These men have over several decades of experience under their belts. They oversee the maintenance schedule, monitor fuel supplies and inventory, help to oversee equipment purchases, and day-to-day operations. The Foreman directs the daily schedule and the mechanics are licensed through the state of West Virginia to do vehicle inspections.

Jacks of All Trades and Masters of Maintenance

Garage staff are responsible for the maintenance, fuel dispensing, and replacement services for all vehicles and equipment serviced by the City. The City Fleet consists of approximately 127 vehicles. In addition to sedans and pickups, repair and maintenance is also done on heavy equipment, fire trucks, police cars, and lawn equipment for parks. The garage is a one-stop shop for all automotive and equipment repairs.

Big Impact

Though you will probably never see them, our garage staff are very important to every department in the City. When the sanitation truck is out removing that unsightly mess, the fire truck or police car is responding to that emergency call, or some other piece of equipment is being used to repair the roads, at one point in time the garage did their part to help provide those services to our community in a safe and efficient manner.