Leaf and Yard Waste Collection

What's My Zone?
Leaf Collection (October 1 - January 31st, weather permitting)

The City of Bluefield Public Works Department provides TWO FREE pickups annually during the dates of October 1st through January 31st which is determined by City Ordinance.  Additional pick-ups can be arranged for a fee of $30.00 per visit. Collection crews will make every effort to service all residential streets. However, some conditions beyond the control of the department may prevent the servicing of every home. While we realize that this schedule may be during a time when leaves have not fallen yet, we will ensure that zones are visited twice for leaf removal.  Please understand that bad weather can adversely affect the department’s schedule. When placing leaves out for collection please remember the following:


  • Place leaves (raked or bagged) on the edge of the property line. Raked leaves should be in piles no more than two feet tall. DO NOT rake leaves into the street.
  • Bagged leaves will not be picked up with garbage pickup.
  • Keep leaves away from ditches, pipes, culverts.
  • Leaves only, please do not include rocks, dirt, or large branches - this will damage our equipment, stopping our ability to provide this service. 
  • Piles with these items (rocks, dirt, or large branches) will be left.

If you are unsure which zone you are in, please click the following link or scan the QR code above:

What's My Zone?

Zone 1: North Side, Bluefield Ave to Bland up to College, Bland to Princeton Ave up to Edgewood - Scheduled for October 2nd to October 6th.

Zone 2: College to Maryland to Borders - Scheduled for October 23rd to October 27th.

Zone 3: Maryland to Jefferson to Border - Scheduled for October 30th to November 3rd.

Zone 4: Jefferson to College/Oakhurst to Grassy Branch - Scheduled for November 6th to November 10th.

Zone 5: Grassy Branch to Border to W. Cumberland - Scheduled for November 13th to November 17th.

Once this schedule is complete, we will begin another round beginning with Zone 1 and going through Zone 5.

Remember, leaf season officially begins on October 1st according to the City Ordinance, so please mark your calendars and make sure your leaves are ready for pick-up on your designated dates.

    Brush, Shrubs, and Other Yard Waste

    The City of Bluefield offers brush and yard waste pickup throughout the spring and summer. This free service is offered for smaller piles or bags of yard waste. However, bigger items or piles will require a special order (this is at the judgment of the street staff/Public Works department). Street Department staff will work every street within city limits. Staff will pick up yard waste when possible, there is not a certain schedule for particular streets. Staff will be assigned streets or areas when the department's schedule permits. 

    • Bigger branches, trees, large piles of shrubbery, or any grass clipping over eight bags require a special pickup request.
    • Place waste near street, not into the street, this is so staff can get to and remove from your property easily. 
    • Do not mix dirt, rocks, animal waste or trash with yard waste.