FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I own a pit bull or wolf-hybrid in the City of Bluefield?

Owners that have registered their pit bulls and wolf-hybrid breeds in the City of Bluefield may maintain ownership. At this time, new pit bulls and wolf-hybrids are not allowed to be brought into the city limits. Dogs should be muzzled at all times when not inside home or kennel. Please reference the City Code of Ordinances Chapter 4 for more information.

Does the City of Bluefield have a leash law?

The City Code of Ordinances Chapter 4 states that "no person shall allow any dog owned by him or in his custody to run at large within the city. The term "running at large" means allowing a dog to leave the property limits of property owned, leased or occupied by its owner without restraint. The term "restraint" means being secured by a leash or lead, or being under the control of a responsible person and obedient to that person's command."