FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

I see you offer a lot of activities and field trips for the children in the After-School Program. How much extra will this cost?

 -  Kids who are enrolled in our licensed daycare program, which includes our daily After-School Program, our All Day Kids Camp Program on snow days and school holidays, as well as the regular All Day Kids Summer Camp Program attend all activities and field trips for FREE.  No hidden or extra charges are in our program.

How do I rent a shelter in City Park?

Shelter rentals can be made in person at the Bluefield Fitness and Recreation Center located at 703 College Avenue during normal operating hours.  Facility rentals can also be made online using the following link. https://secure.rec1.com/WV/bluefield-wv/catalog



How do I sign up for a pool party?

Pool Party rental forms and payment information is at our front desk location at our Fitness & Recreation Center.

Pool parties are ONLY on Saturdays and last from 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

Cost: Member of FitRec - $75 (includes two lifeguard)

Cost: Non-Member of FitRec - $100 (includes two lifeguard)

Must pay in order to reserve your party.

How is the best way to register for your After School program?

We have three main ways you can register for our After-School and Summer Camp or Specialty Camp Programs.

               -  You can go online to the following link https://www.cityofbluefield.com/parksrec/page/after-school-program and download the Registration Application, complete this and then email it to shannon.lowe [at] cityofbluefield.com to discuss securing a spot for your child.

               -  You can email our Director, Shannon Lowe, at shannon.lowe [at] cityofbluefield.com to request information and a Registration Packet will be emailed to you.

               -  You can stop by the Rec Center at 1780 Stadium Drive between 11am - 6pm and pick up a Registration Packet.

How much are your memberships at the Fitness Center

Our memberships start as low as $25.00 and go up to $52.

Our monthly memberships have a contract that includes banking information, and a 1 year commitment. There is also a termination fee of $100 to cancel prior to the one year commitment. 

We also have term memberships that are no commitment contract of 3 month, 6 month, and 12 months. These are paid in full memberships that can be purchased and are non-refundable. Click the link below to see our term membership pricing list. 

Click below to see our membership pricing charts. 


What all is included in my membership?

The fitness and recreation membership is an all inclusive package that gives you access to all classes and areas of the facility. Member benefits also include discounts on programs at Bluefield Parks and Recreation.

Check out our catalog here: https://secure.rec1.com/WV/bluefield-wv/catalog


What are your age requirements to use the free weights at the Bluefield Fitness and Recreation Center?

No one 14 years of age and younger shall be allowed in the free weight room.  Members that are 15 years old have unrestricted use of the fitness center equipment.  



What Classes do you offer at the Fitness Center?

We offer a variety of classes at FitRec. You will find classes like Zumba, Yoga, Cycling and more. All of our classes are included im your membership and can be found online at our website or Facebook. You can also get a copy of all of our schedules at the front desk. Just ask and we can provide you monthly calenders. 

Where do we find schedules for the pool, gymnasium, and classes?

These items can be found in three different locations. They are all uploaded to our website, Facebook, as well as being in our documents kiosk at the Fitness Center. Either check online or stop by today and pick one up.