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Our department is here to help you during each step of your inspection. It is the responsibility of the property owner or their contractor to schedule inspections during regular business hours. Please note that multiple inspections may be required for construction work. An inspection for a footing or concrete work should be made before any concrete is poured. For electrical and plumbing, an inspection should be completed before any covering is placed and before any power is applied to the lines. A final inspection before occupancy is also required. Residential and commercial structures in a historical district may be subject to further review by the Historic Landmarks Commission.

Electrical inspections are required both by the City Code of Ordinances and Appalachian Power Company (APCO) policy for installing an electric meter, regardless of why it was disconnected. An electrical permit is required before the inspector is called. That permit cost is based on job cost. Electrical inspections are completed by a third party inspector who charges a $100 inspection fee per meter to inspect. When the system is inspected and approved, a connect tag is placed and the inspector notifies APCO that an installation has been approved and a meter can be installed. The tag must contain a city permit number and an APCO connect number.


For all inspection requests please fill out the application below under the supporting documents section and email the completed application to:

Tyler Myers City Code Official

304-327-2401 Ext 2458

tmyers [at]


Mika Bargo City Building Inspector

304-327-2401 Ext 2453

mbargo [at]