Required Inspections

Required Inspections for construction pursuant to the International Residential Code (IRC). REFERENCE IRC

Inspections are necessary to verify that the construction conforms to the code requirements.

The minimum required inspections are as follows:

R109.1.1 Foundation Inspection.

Inspection of the foundation shall be made after poles or piers are set or trenches or basement areas are excavated and any required forms erected and any required reinforcing steel is in place and supported prior to the placing of concrete. The foundation inspection shall include excavations for thickened slabs intended for the support of bearing walls, partitions, structural supports, or equipment and special requirements for wood foundations.  

R109.1.2 Plumbing, mechanical, gas and electrical systems inspection.

Rough end inspections of plumbing, mechanical, gas and electrical systems shall be made prior to covering or concealment, before fixtures or appliances are set or installed, and prior to framing inspection.

R109.1.4 Frame and masonry inspection.

Inspections of framing and masonry construction shall be made after the roof, masonry, framing, firestopping, draft stopping and bracing are in place and after the plumbing, mechanical and electrical rough end inspections are approved.

R109.1.5 Other Inspections.

In addition to inspections in Sections R109.1.1 through R109.1.4, the Building Official shall have the authority to make or require any other inspections to ascertain compliance with this code and other laws enforced by the Building Official.

R109.1.5.1 Fire-resistance-rated construction inspection.

Where fire-resistance-rated construction is required between dwelling units or due to location on property, the building official shall require an inspection of such construction after lathing or gypsum board or gypsum panel products are in place, but before any plaster is applied, or before board or panel joints and fasteners are taped and finished.

R109.1.6 Final Inspection.

Final Inspection shall be made after the permitted work is complete and prior to occupancy.

R109.2 Inspection Agencies.

The building official is authorized to accept reports of approved agencies, provided such agencies satisfy the requirements as to qualifications and reliability.