Treasury - Other Fees and Taxes

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Special Trash Pick-Up Service

Residents and businesses can request a special trash pick-up of items that are not common to their normal trash service.  These items might include things like furniture, brush, appliances etc.  It does not include construction debris.

If you are interested in a special trash pick-up, contact the Treasury Department by calling (304)327-2401 ext. 2417 or ext. 2411.  We will gather the necessary information and send someone to estimate the cost of the pick-up.  We will then contact you with a price and you can determine if you want to proceed with payment.



Commercial Garbage Service

Commercial garbage service is available at competitive rates.  Dumpsters are not provided by the city but we can make recommendations on where to purchase and the type of dumpster we can service.  Information can be obtained from Treasury and the Sanitation Department.


There are city owned parking lots available to the public for no charge parking located off Raleigh Street, Duhring Street and Princeton Avenue.  The city also provides month to month parking space rental in parking lots located on Scott Street and Princeton Avenue.  Contact the Treasurer for more information.

Grass Cutting Invoices

Invoices for grass cutting from the Code Enforcement Department should be paid in Treasury.

Demolition Invoices

Invoices for demolition of a structure from the Code Enforcement Department should be paid in Treasury.

Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax

The City of Bluefield imposes a 6% Occupancy Tax on all hotels, motels, B&B inns etc.  The tax shall be imposed on the consumer and shall be collected by the hotel operator as part of the consideration paid for the occupancy of a hotel room; provided, however, the tax shall not be imposed on any consumer occupying a hotel room for 30 or more consecutive days.

The tax must be remitted by the 15th of the month following collection.  More information can be found in City Code Chapter 38, Article IV.

Public Utilities Excise Tax

The City of Bluefield imposes a 2% Public Utility Excise Tax upon every purchaser of a public utility service.  The tax is collected by the seller and must be remitted by the last day of the second month following collection.  More information can be found in City Code Chapter 38, Article III.

State & Local Sales Tax

All vendors/sellers who are required to collect the 6% West Virginia sales tax and who are doing business in the City of Bluefield must also collect the 1% Bluefield sales tax, and remit the total amount collected to the WV State Tax Department.

This includes vendors located outside the municipality that:

· Have an office, distribution, sales, sample or warehouse location or other place of business in the municipality, either directly or by a subsidiary;

· Have a representative, agent, salesperson, service provider, canvasser or solicitor in municipality – on either a permanent or temporary basis – who operates under the authority of the retailer or its subsidiary for any purpose. For example: taking orders for goods or services, repairing, selling or installing tangible personal property, or leasing tangible personal property, either as lessor or as lessee, in municipality;

· Ship or deliver tangible personal property to locations in municipality; or

· Perform taxable services in municipality

The collection and administration of all sales and use tax is performed by the WV State Tax Department.  Any questions should be directed to the WV Tax Account Administration Department at 304-558-3333 or 800-982-8297.