Treasury - City Fees

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The Treasury Department is responsible for the administration and collection of the City Service Fees. City Service Fees include a street fee, fire fee, garbage fee and storm water fee.  These fees are charged to all residential property owners, commercial property owners and businesses. The rate structures for City Services Fees are available in the City Code.

The revenue raised from the city street fee is used to pave, repair and maintain all city streets. The revenue from the fire fee provides financial support for our professional fire department. The garbage fee is for trash disposal.  The storm water fee helps to maintain the storm water systems in the city and promotes awareness to improve water quality within our watershed. 

The invoicing for city service fees is generated and mailed the first week of each month. The fees must be paid by the 25th of each month to avoid interest charges. Unpaid fees are subject to legal action. 

A recorded deed is required before transfer of property ownership can be completed.