Mitchell Stadium

Beaver Graham

America’s Best High School Football Stadium is in West Virginia!  

Mitchell Stadium is home to Bluefield Middle School (Buccaneers), Bluefield High School (Beavers), Graham Middle School (G-Men), Graham High School (G-Men), Bluefield University (Rams), Bluefield State University (Big Blues).

Mitchell Stadium of Bluefield, West Virginia, is the winner of  America’s Best High School Football Stadiums contest by USA Today High School Sports. Mitchell Stadium was built in 1936. It is located on the border of Bluefield, West Virginia, and Bluefield, Virginia, and overlooks the scenic East River Mountain. Mitchell Stadium is currently home to two middle school teams, two dominant high school football programs, and two college teams. The two middle school teams are the Buccaneers of Bluefield, West Virginia, and the G-Men of Bluefield, Virginia, the two high school teams are the Bluefield Beavers of Bluefield, West Virginia, and the Graham G-Men of Bluefield, Virginia, and the two college teams are the Big Blues of Bluefield, West Virginia, and the Rams of Bluefield, Virginia. Mitchell Stadium is the home field to many teams. Since Graham Middle and Graham High School play in West Virginia, they are the only schools in the country to host their games in another state. The stadium holds 10,000 fans, but the annual Graham-Beaver game between the two high schools typically sees crowds over the stadium’s capacity, at around 12,000 attendees. The rivalry game was once televised on ESPN in 1991, and it has been featured and streamed by the Great American Rivalry series for the past decade.



In 2019 the stadium received a new scoreboard with large video screen. Find out how you can advertise your business on the new LED scoreboard or also see sponsorship opportunities in the links below!