City Park

Ridge Runner

We are currently in the process or remodeling the main restrooms at the city park beside shelter #1. This remodel could run through the end of May.

City Park is the host to many adventurous days for friends and family in the Bluefield Community. The park has plenty of green space, a playground area, picnic shelters, mountain bike trails, the Ridge Runner train, basketball and tennis courts, and shelter rentals.  With the exception of the Holiday of Lights, the park is closed to vehicle traffic from October through March. The public restroom facilities do not open until May 1st. 


Rental Hours - 10AM - Close

Note: We do not give refunds for no-shows, cancellations, or misses due to weather, illness, or any other reason.

Trail System at City Park:

Click here to see our City Park Trails

Shelter Rental Pricing: 

To rent a shelter call (304) 325-5707, come by the Bluefield Fitness and Recreation Center or online using the following link.

Shelter 1 - This is the largest shelter located near the basketball courts. It holds 100-120 people, it is handicap accessible, and it has electricity. $100
Shelter 2 - This is the second-largest shelter near the caboose at the end of the park. It holds 60-75 people, it is handicap accessible, and it has electricity. $75

Shelter 3 - This is the shelter on the side of the road over the hillside. It holds 20-30 people, it DOES NOT have electricity, it is NOT handicap accessible, and you have to cross a footbridge to get back into the park.


Shelter 4 - This is the shelter behind the Yakkity-Yak playground. It holds 10-20 people, it DOES NOT have electricity, and it is handicap accessible.