Contact an Officer

If you need to speak with an officer feel free to call 304.327.6101 option 1 or you can email an officer listed below, be advised officer response time to emails can vary based on call volume and off days.

jc.whitt [at] (LT JC Whitt)

LT MD McPherson   ml.ramsey [at] (LT ML Ramsey)
LT BL Hamm SGT K-9 BW Copenhaver LTkl.adams [at] ( DET KL Adams)  
      SGT DA Williams
PTLM BM Lambert dr.barker [at] (PTLM DR Barker) PTLM AE Green sd.copenhaver [at] (PTLM SD Copenhaver)
PTLM JW Murray   fb.ingole [at] (PTLM FB Ingole)  
    PTLM TM Beggs  
  ab.palmer [at] (PTLM AB Palmer) DET KL Ross ca.matthews [at] (PTLM CA Matthews)