Police Citizen's Review Board

The Police Citizen’s Review Board meets every three months for the purpose of reviewing police inquires or complaints.  Expired members will continue to serve with full authorities until reappointed or replaced.


Term Expires
Mr. Randolph Phillips March 23, 2024
Mr. David Pfeifer March 23, 2024
Ms. Latasha Dowell March 23, 2024
Mr. Treyvon Simmons City Board of Directors Representative
Sgt. Brian Copenhaver Bluefield Police Department
Mr. Robert Luther Recording Clerk
Mayor Ron Martin
Mayor, District II
304.327.2401 x 2407
Treyvon Simmons
Director, District I
304.327.2401 x 2407
Daniel Wells
Director, District III
304.327.2401 x 2407
Director Matt Knowles At-Large
Director, At-Large
304.327.2401 x 2407
Director Peter Taylor  At-Large
Director, At-Large
304.327.2401 x 2407