Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets, as business warrants, in the Municipal Building. Established by the City Code of Ordinances Chapter 44-48, the Planning Commission is endowed with all the powers set out by West Virginia Code Chapter 8, Article 24.  Members shall be appointed to a three year term.  Expired members will continue to serve with full authorities until reappointed or replaced.


Term Expires
Melvin Ross March 27, 2022
Dassa Giles July 27, 2024
Laura Ward September 22, 2023
Lisa Syndor June 10, 2022
Peter Taylor by virtue of office (Board of Directors)
Todd Browning January 24, 2026
Brian Tracey


December 14, 2024
 John Velke September 26, 2026
 Cecil Marson by virtue of position (City Manager)
Joshua Cline December 14, 2024
Keith Olson January 11, 2025
Support Staff
Mr. Anthony Heltzel City Attorney
Mr. Curtis French City Engineer
Mr. Robert Luther City Clerk, Recording Secretary
Mayor Ron Martin
Mayor, District II
304.327.2401 x 2407
Treyvon Simmons
Director, District I
304.327.2401 x 2407
Daniel Wells
Director, District III
304.327.2401 x 2407
Director Matt Knowles At-Large
Director, At-Large
304.327.2401 x 2407
Director Peter Taylor  At-Large
Director, At-Large
304.327.2401 x 2407