Library Board

The Library Board of Directors meets according to their bylaws at Craft Memorial Library on 600 Commerce Street Bluefield, WV 24701. Established by the City Code of Ordinances Chapter 26, the Library Board’s purpose is to fulfill the West Virginia Code Chapter 10, Article 1, and as set forth in the Code of Ordinances. Members shall be appointed to a five-year term. Expired members will continue to serve with full authorities until reappointed or replaced.  Visit the Craft Memorial Library website.


Term Expires
Mrs. Nancy Siggelkow June 30, 2021
Barbara Thompson Smith Board Representative
Mr. Jeff Disibbio February 24, 2025
Mr. Frank Wilkinson June 30, 2023
Mrs. Martha Richardson September 22, 2025
Support Staff
Ms. Eva McGuire Executive Director
Mayor Ron Martin
Mayor, District II
304.327.2401 x 2407
Treyvon Simmons
Director, District I
304.327.2401 x 2407
Daniel Wells
Director, District III
304.327.2401 x 2407
Director Matt Knowles At-Large
Director, At-Large
304.327.2401 x 2407
Director Peter Taylor  At-Large
Director, At-Large
304.327.2401 x 2407